Delightful with loads of moxie, intelligence and drive…
and that’s just the office dogs!

What separates us from the competition? It could be the fact that we choose to hire US contractors living exceptional lives around the world while working for us in their free time. It could also be that fact that we have constant access to carne asada tacos…

Whatever the case may be, working with us is a lot like having a fairy godmother: just tell us what you want and watch our savvy magic bring it to life! [MAGIC WAND, CATCHY SONG AND BIG OLE PUMPKIN NOT INCLUDED.]


Tiffany Williams

Projects Manager, Head Web Developer, Problem Obliterator, Amateur Novelist

“I can remember the first time I ever created HTML code. It was on an old Macintosh computer and just for the fun of it. Not something every kid did in their free time. I’m proud to say that coding websites has been a passion of mine for a long, long time!”

Tiffany serves as our Project Manager and Lead Web Developer when she’s not drafting up fiction novels or cooking boeuf bourguignon.

Winston Amaro

Project Leader, Head Graphic Designer, Revamp Genius, Gardening Guru

“I love creating stellar graphic designs. From marketing materials to websites, product labels, corporate identity packages, logos, icons, illustrations, brochures, you name it. If it’s in need of designing, I’ve got the ideas to bring it to life.”

Winston serves as our Project Leader and Head Graphic Designer when he’s not playing basketball with his Bloodhound or eating all of Tiffany’s boeuf bourguignon.



Since 2011, the Tailordd offices have migrated down the Pacific coast, from Santa Cruz, CA, down to San Bernardino, CA, all the way to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where our headquarters presently resides.

Though our headquarters are located in Puerto Vallarta, we are available to work with big and small companies from around the world. We employ adventurous, migrating contractors (like our founders) who offer a wealth of talents and knowledge…amongst which is living life to the fullest, not working for it until the end.


Since 2013 when we began offering our flagship OPTIMIZE MY BUSINESS service, we’ve worked with over 50 startup brands looking to optimize their efforts on a tight budget.

Over the years, we’ve learned to adapt our skills, fees, and resources to accommodate low budgets and high expectations. Because of this, we’ve curated a dedicated team of quality professionals able to jump into any project and amplify our results and goals. Fill out our OPTIMIZE MY BUSINESS form to get started today.